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Repair and Restoration RV's
Gas Lines
Water Heaters
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Metal Siding
Slide-Outs (sub floor replacement, gears and tracks)
Roof replacement and reinforcement
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(We also service: Horse Trailers, Boat Trailers, 
 Work Trailers, Etc.)


Going on the road? Let us check your rig a 
  two weeks in advance to make sure:

  • Batteries are charged
  • Generator is operational 
  • Appliances are working 
  • Running lights are functioning
  • Slide outs are in working order
  • Water Pump seals haven't dried out
  • Toilet seals haven't dried out
  • De Winterize your rig (flush lines/potable water)


Check Battery
Check Wiring
Check Gas Lines (Leaks)
Flush Potable Water Lines
Service Generator
Windows (Resealing)

SERVING: Payson, Pine, Strawberry, Star Valley, Tonto Basin, Ox Bow, Forest Lakes, Roosevelt Lake, Happy Jack



Leaving on a trip? 

We suggest getting your RV ready two weeks in advance to find out if everything is working as it should. Some parts are only made by manufacturers several times per year, and can be difficult to locate. We want you to have a great trip and get "On The Road" as planned.

Below is a partial list you may use to prepare your rig for the road. (CLICK HERE to visit Good Sam's Website for their extremely helpful travel lists.)

  • Batteries
  • Lights - inside, entry, brakes, running, blinker
  • Water Pump
  • Water Lines (cracks and leaks)
  • Toilet (seals dry-out)
  • Refrigerator - Remember RV refrigerators need 4 to 6 hours to cool down properly, prior to storing food. Your RV also needs to be level for your refrigerator to work as the manufacturer specifies. In older model RV's it's even more crucial to make sure you're level.
  • Make certain "heat escapes" for refrigerator haven't been blocked by nesting animals, insects or leaves.
  • Water Heater (make sure heater tank is FULL of water prior to turning on and testing water heater).
  • Furnace - It may be hot from where you hail from, but cooler where your planning to vacation. 
  • Generator (authorized service center if not operating properly) 
  • Replace batteries in carbon monoxide detector, and fire alarm
  • Powertrain 
  • Tires - Dry rot, pressure

If your appliances are not functioning properly it could be your LP gas lines. Insects are attracted to the odorant in LP gas, and  build nests that can affect the appliance from operating properly. Gas lines should be pressure tested annually. 

Tip of the Month
(My biscuits are burnin'!)

   BOX and
     Tip of the Month.
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Use a pizza stone (square stone is better because it will cover more surface area) to disperse the heat. Place the pizza stone directly on the metal shelf. If you have the flexibility to move your wire rack to the middle setting this is also helpful. Remember to initially  preheat your oven with the pizza stone in it. You still may have to adjust your thermostat to see what will work best for your particular oven.  We suggest purchasing an oven thermometer. It will make baking much more accurate. Our RV oven (pictured right) typically cooks 50 degrees hotter than what the oven dial is set at.

When you're done cooking with your pizza stone, and after your pizza stone has cooled to room temperature, we recommend taking it out of the oven and storing it in a box with padding. Here's why: Your pizza stone may bounce around in the oven while you're traveling and crack the stone and/or damage your oven. It's best to be safe rather than sorry.

If you've found this tip helpful write to us and like us on Facebook. Happy, safe travels!
Baking in an RV oven can be a daunting task. Even the most experienced RVer has burned a dinner or two, and more than likely had their neighbor come running to their aid with a fire extinguisher. Well here's a tip to hopefully keep the smoke alarm silent while you're cooking.

The metal barrier between the flame and the grate above are not very efficient in dispersing the heat. You need an added barrier to aid in heat distribution. A pizza stone works well for heat distribution.

Pictured above: RV oven with 
pizza stone used to disperse heat.